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MNCHOST Incorporation started their Business with selling server hardware and ISP services at Nevada, United States .

Mnchost is available to everyone, but is generally targeted towards small but serious corporations. Long-term relationships are extremely important to us, and we do just about anything to accommodate the needs of our clients. In-fact, over 90% of the revenue we earn is from recurring customers – a refreshing statistic in this day and age of trying to lure clients in at low rates only to jack up the prices next month.

As stated above, we literally started from the ground up here at Mnchost, so we know what it’s like to be a small business trying to get their name out there. We’ve been in the same situation as numerous webmasters across the country, and we want to do our best to help them succeed and be prosperous just as we have been able to.

Throughout the years we’ve been able to tack on more and more features to open up server hardware selling,web development for our clients in ways they never could have imagined. Currently we offer server hardwares ,premium shared hosting, reseller hosting, RDP hosting, and a plethora of different dedicated servers, including virtual private servers.

Our Goals

We have a very specific mission at Mnchost, and that is to become a globally respected corporation that provides equal satisfaction to every single one of our clients. Mnchost isn’t out to be a major web hosting company that attempts to shove coupon codes down your throat to give you a false sense that you’re receiving some special deal – when in the end they just cash in on forgotten subscriptions.


“We will be a globally respected corporation in sense of overall satisfaction of clients.”


The values that drive us underscore our commitment to:Excellence: To strive relentlessly, constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products to become the best


“Strategic Partnerships for Building Tomorrow’s Web-Servers.”

Why us !

Mnchost.com | Hosting Multinational Corporations Reasons

Reason 1 : Litespeed Powered (9x faster)

MNCHOST shared and reseller hosting are powered by 9x faster Litespeed webserver . Litespeed is a high-performance Apache drop-in replacement and 4th most popular web server on the internet and the #1 commercial web server. With its streamlined event-driven architecture, LiteSpeed Web Server can serve thousands of clients concurrently with minimal memory consumption and CPU usage.

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Reason 2 : 100% Solid State Drives

A SSD-equipped server boot in seconds, certainly under a minute. Main advantage of SSD over simple harddrives(even raid) is zero input/output resulting in superior transfer speeds and mechanical ruggedness.

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Reason 3 : E3 1270 V3 & E5 Processors

Price and performance details for the Intel Xeon E3-1270 @ 3.40GHz can be found on below link . This is made using thousands of PerformanceTest benchmark results and is updated daily.

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Processor Rank : 85/1500

Reason 4 : Daily R1soft/CPRemote Backup

To avoid any data loss ,we backup your data daily on remote servers .R1Soft/CPremote plugins installed in server to allow every client to restore their website backups on One-click.

Reason 5 : @24X7 MNC-Support TEAM

Average response time to any ticket/email/calls is below 30 minutes .We provide 24X7X365 days support without any weekend holiday.

Reason 6 : White-Labelled

We respect your Business + Privacy and hence we strictly followed concept of white-labeling in all reseller servers .White-labelled means no-one will know about us while you provide services to your clients .